Why choose us?

What is the Centre of CPD Excellence?

The Centre of CPD Excellence was created by several like-minded therapists, who between us became disheartened with the lack of regulation within the aesthetics, beauty, hair and holistic’s industry.

It was time to make a change; the Centre of CPD Excellence only accredits training courses, webinars, blogs or conferences within the health & beauty industry. Our experience in this sector allows us to ensure the content required is delivered on training courses.

How do we ensure these high standards?

The most important part of what we do is listen to the students. Until today, students that have experienced bad training had their complaints fall on deaf ears. The students are the eyes and ears of our industry and can allow us to stamp out bad training.

Students can finally report bad training providers registered on this website directly to us. After three verified complaints, academies will be removed from our database permanently.

Those training schools delivering high standards will be rewarded with our gold seal of approval as well as being recognised with our ‘best of’ seal on their listing.

In addition to this, we welcome student feedback on their training providers listing, which allows us to monitor the academies on our site.

We want a seal that people come to recognise and trust and therefore will put the student’s interests first and foremost.

Academies are also required to submit the details of their insurance provider. We also ask that they undertake regular additional training courses every year to keep up with any changes in the industry.

The Centre of CPD Excellence is always looking to improve the way the industry is operating, and we will regularly add new features to help keep raising these standards.

What makes Centre of CPD Excellence unique: