TOTUM PRO Student Discount

Centre of CPD Excellence understands business and we understand the beauty industry. Did you know that we are all qualified beauty therapists, aesthetic practitioners, hairdressers, and holistic specialists? We may no longer teach, or even treat clients, but what makes us different, is that we have industry knowledge, and we know what our business partners need!

The last two years were gruelling for our academies, and we are so happy to see you all bouncing back and getting busier. We also want to say a huge thank you for your continued trust and support in our company.

As a team we are always looking to make our business better – and yours too!

To qualify for a card, students must be attending an accredited course with yourselves.

Of course, its not fair that our students get all the fun, so you and your staff can also apply for a card too! How good is that?

To apply, please email us at with the list of names of your staff and/or students and their email addresses that wish to apply for a card. An email will be sent to each individual with a one time, unique link to allow them to apply for their card.