Terms and Conditions


All enquiries should be sent to accreditation@centreofcpdexcellence.com which is the quickest way to contact us.

Alternatively, you may call us, due to high demand please bear in mind there may be a slight delay in answering your call.

You are advised that Centre of CPD Excellence reserves the right to carry out spot checks without prior notice in order for us to maintain high quality standards within the hair and beauty industry.

If information on the form proves false, your accreditation will be withdrawn, and no fees will be refunded.

Please allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed.


When choosing Centre of CPD Excellence you must first agree to our academy charter. This is a binding agreement between yourself and our company. Failure to meet the criteria of our charter may result in the non-renewal of your accreditation. The idea of our charter is to maintain high standards in training and education and create a brand name that students associate with quality academies.

All our training academies agree to:

  • Ensure all training staff hold relevant teaching qualifications and have a minimum of six months experience in the courses they deliver.
  • Deliver courses within a professional timeframe that allows students to have time to be taught theory and practical and to work on adequate models to ensure they are competent.
  • Give informed training manuals that cover all aspects of the treatment being taught. Students should be trained in appropriate health and safety, correct use of PPE and contraindications and contra-actions as well as how to perform an in-depth client consultation.
  • Train students that meet the minimum pre-requisite requirements in accordance with industry guidelines.
  • Provide ongoing support for students post training.
  • Deal with complaints within 14 days of their receipt and to reach a suitable resolution for both parties within 28 days.
  • Act professionally at all times towards your students, industry colleague’s and on public forums.
  • Have appropriate insurance for teaching at all times.
  • Ensure your training rooms/academy meet all health and safety requirements and are conducive to working towards improving industry standards through delivering exceptional training and support.
  • Every trainer to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of additional CPD learning every year and to provide this upon request.

The Academy Charter along with our full Terms and Conditions which can be found below, form your contract with the Centre of CPD Excellence.


  • Your centre hereby declares that it will comply with the Centre of CPD Excellence policies, terms and conditions and Academy Charter as set by the Centre of CPD Excellence.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence only accredit courses that meet our strict guidelines and that work along set national occupational standards.
  • No variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the authorised representative of the Centre and the Centre of CPD Excellence.

Retention of records and access to records, people and premises

  • Your Centre hereby declares that it will take all reasonable steps to comply with requests made by the Centre of CPD Excellence for information, data or documents in relation to the accredited courses and the delivery.

This may include:

  • Access to training centre
  • Requests of manuals, learning material or other paperwork used for a course
  • Requests of trainers qualifications, insurance policies or CPD records.
  • Access to oversee delivery of specific courses to ensure they meet the industry standards.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence reserves the right to retain records but comply with current GDPR legislation in the UK.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence will treat you and your learning materials with the strictest of confidence.

Our CPD colleagues that sit on our panel of experts work under strict confidentiality agreements. Your training materials and learning resources will never be shared with a third party, another training provider, or be made publicly available. All files sent to us will be stored on password protected, secure servers.

Centre Employees, Sub-contractors, Satellite Centres and Resources

As part of your accreditation with the Centre of CPD Excellence your Centre declares that it will:

  • Retain a workforce of appropriate competence to undertake the delivery of the accredited course.
  • Ensure that is has the sufficient resources (i.e. relevant equipment) to enable it to undertake the delivery of the course effectively and efficiently.
  • Notify the Centre of CPD Excellence of any changes in teaching staff, including when using sub-contracted trainers or trainers in satellite centres and provide us with all necessary documentation and evidence of their competence to deliver the course(s).
  • Ensure all trainers keep updated with industry standards and undertakes 30 hours of personal CPD each year.
  • Training Centres should provide access for all learners, in accordance with relevant equality legislation and ensure that the full range of relevant, current equipment required to deliver and assess the accredited course is supplied.


Your Centre agrees to comply with all relevant law and have policies and protocols on the following:

  • Appeals Procedure
  • Accident Procedure
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • GDPR & Data Protection
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Learner Induction Policy
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Reasonable Adjustments Special Consideration Policy
  • Terms & Conditions, including your refund policy.


It is your duty under our terms and conditions to deal with complaints swiftly and fairly. Your Centre declares that:

  • You provide all learners upon request, with a copy of your Complaints Policy, which can be either provided as a separate policy or within your terms and conditions.
  • Complaints should be dealt with by both parties, Centre and Student, coming to an amicable agreement.
  • Centres should endeavour to provide an amenable solution to the students complaint whereby the students complaint is reasonable.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence will not get involved with students complaints, nor intervene with a Centres final decision. However, we will take complaints about Centres seriously and should we feel that a Centre did not deal with a complaint, or the complaint was reasonable this could affect your accreditation with us.
  • Should the Centre of CPD Excellence receive complaints on more than one occasion in regards to your Centre, we will look to remove you from our website with immediate effect, cancel your accreditation and no refund will be given for any part of the accreditation period used.
  • Centres have the right to appeal our decision by providing evidence that proves conditions at the Centre have been improved, or issues addressed that lead to complaints.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence will never withdraw accreditation unless it feels that the standards of course delivery, or student safety, falls below our expected high standards.


One of the differences with the Centre of CPD Excellence over other CPD accreditation companies is that we offer a review service for students.

Your Centre can invite students to leave feedback on your listing to allow future students to make an informed choice when choosing their next training Centre.

Upon receiving 20 or more feedback with 95% average rating, Centres will receive our Gold Logo to use on their advertising and course certificates.

Centres understand that as part of our terms they should:

  • Not submit false reviews on their own or other centres listings to falsely alter ratings. We use sophisticated software to track IP and Hardware that will notify the Centre of CPD Excellence of any abuse of the system.
  • Understand that Centres abusing the system will have their accreditation with the Centre of CPD Excellence immediately revoked. No appeal will be allowed.
  • Be aware that Centres that consistently receive negative feedback, the Centre will investigate all reviews and look at revoking the accreditation of the Centre. Centres will be given the opportunity to appeal this decision by providing evidence in support of any changes or improvements that will prevent further bad reviews.
  • Only contact us about a negative review if you have evidence of a false review or you feel a review has been left by a competitor. The Centre of CPD Excellence will only remove reviews where the student has no proof of training with your Centre.

Withdrawal of approval and interests of learners

  • Centres must cooperate with the Centre of CPD Excellence in cases where either the Centre or the Centre of CPD Excellence decides it needs to withdraw approval of the accredited course(s).
  • You will need to take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of learners in the case of this withdrawal of accreditation.


  • You agree to pay the Centre of CPD Excellence a non-refundable fee for the accreditation of your courses for 12 months in advance.
  • The accreditation runs for 12 months from the date of agreement/acceptance as printed on your initial acceptance letter and/or certificate.
  • Any courses submitted during the year, included within your initial allowance/payment, will need to be renewed at the same time of your initial acceptance letter.
  • Courses added on over and above your initial allowance will renew 12 months after acceptance.
  • Renewal fees are due 7 days prior to your renewal date. Invoices will be sent out within 30 days of the renewal date being due.
  • Renewal fees are subject to price increases at any time.
  • You agree not to use any of the Centre of CPD Excellence’s logos, tradename or other insignia without our prior consent.
  • You must not mislead learners and other users that the accredited course is part of or will lead to a regulated qualification.
  • You will inform the Centre of CPD Excellence if significant changes are made to the accredited course or learning material.
  • You agree to notify the Centre of CPD Excellence of any changes to your venue location, name, phone number, email address or owners details.


  • All tutors must hold relevant teaching insurance.
  • Evidence of insurance may be requested at any time during your accreditation period.

Pricing & Invoices

  • All invoices are due within 14 days of being raised.
  • Any renewal subscriptions for accreditation will be due 7 days before the date of renewal. Centres will be sent an invoice 30 days prior to their renewal date for payment.
  • The Centre of CPD Excellence reserves the right to increase prices at any time.
  • The price is exclusive of any applicable Value Added Tax that the Centre is additionally liable to pay.
  • Failure to pay invoices for renewal will result in instant withdrawal of accreditation and removal from our website. This will also affect your Gold status.

Other terms

  • Centre of CPD Excellence reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and will inform Centres of these changes via email and social media.