Report an Academy

If you have been unfortunate enough to receive substandard training from any of our accredited providers, you can report it to us where, along with your evidence, you lodge a complaint against the provider. Once we receive three separate complaints about an academy, we remove them from our site and will not renew their membership.

Before reporting an academy to us, you must first follow the steps below:

1. Raise your grievance to your training provider on the day of the course if you feel anything has not been covered with you.

2. If you were unable to raise your concerns at this stage, or your concerns have been unmet, then you should complain directly to the training provider in writing within seven days of the course date. You should allow your training provider ten working days to reply to you.

3. Should the training provider offer you a resolution to your grievance, then this should be considered. Training providers are not under any obligation to offer refunds; however, partial or full refunds may be offered as a gesture of goodwill. Where refunds, either partial or full, have been accepted, we are unable to take your complaint further.

Where a training provider offers you additional training, this should not be unduly refused unless;

a) You have cause to believe that the trainer is unable to deliver the training to a standard that enables client safety and to a standard of competency that clients would expect.

b) Travel costs and/or distance make this unreasonable to undertake.

c)The trainer/academy is not able to provide an alternative trainer or solution to provide you with the training, including travelling to you.

If after 30 days from the date of your training course you have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with the training provider, you can use the form below to report the incidence to us. You will need to submit a detailed account of your complaint, along with any evidence that you may have.

We will make the academy aware of your complaint and ask them to counter appeal. Please note that we have no power to enforce refunds or further resolution from the academy. However, complaints will be taken seriously, and academies that fail to deliver high standards of training will have their accreditation revoked.

Please do not contact us first without allowing the training school to deal with your complaint. We understand that you may want a speedy resolution, but most complaints can be handled mutually between both parties. We are also unable to deal with complaints in the event of an academy not returning deposits under their terms.

This is a unique number given to our academies. This can be found on our website on the academies listing or found on your certificate.
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We encourage you to first contact the academy prior to reporting them to us. Please ensure that you have allowed them time to respond. We are unable to mediate with issues.
Please note, that we are not here to enforce refunds. We look for our academies to come to a reasonable outcome for both parties.
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