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  • Vikki Glen

    Absolutely fantastic course, the best training I have ever received. Would 100% recommend I can’t wait to book my next course.

  • Suki mezei

    Excellent course, Cj and Scott are the best.

    1. Lalee Forouzesh

      I have trained with Many training companies, but my time with Scott and CJ was truly incredible, I learnt so much more with them in 3 days than I did with months of other companies. They are truly amazing at what they do and most importantly who they are, they are kind, caring and have the best techniques to get you where you need to be, Just like magic! I would highly recommend for all your training needs! Beautiful humans with an encyclopaedia full of knowledge!!!
      The best ever!!!

  • Gillian Hainey

    I’ve been on a couple of these courses and I’ve got to say, hands down the best courses I’ve been on. The pre study is in depth and doesn’t miss anything out. On the day I felt relaxed as the atmosphere was good, fun and easy to understand . The courses were very informative and I came away feeling confident and eager to get practicing. Chris and Scott have been supportive ever since and are always there if I need any help. I would highly recommend training with these guys.

  • Donna Mullin

    Had the best couple of days training with Scott and CJ. The training is second to none and really thorough. The after support is better than any other training I’ve done. Well done guys you’re fantastic. Can’t wait to do more training with you in the future.

  • Gudrun Lax

    Highly reccomend!!!
    Cosmedicfx… Scott and CJ…. are the go to place for training in all aspects of permanent make up and aesthetics.
    The training is so thorough and well planned into step by step procedures to enhance the learning experience so you leave feeling confident to carry out what you have learnt.
    Friendly, caring and great post training support.
    If you want the best Cosmedicfx!!!

    1. Phil Davis

      I have known of Scott Triggs for a few years now and I’m delighted to say I’ve received one-to-one training from him at my clinic. Scott’s knowledge, skill and delivery of knowledge transferring is superb. He’s professional and concise but still maintains a friendly, fun and laid back approach to the day of mentoring:)

  • Ness Shaw

    This was one of the best courses/masterclasses I have ever done. It really changed the way I think about hairstrokes and creating pixels. Scott’s in depth knowledge and extensive research into PMU really shines through when he is teaching.
    I actually love doing hairstrokes now, and feel more confident in my work.
    I love Scott’s courses so much that I am booked onto another Masterclass in May

  • Rebecca Jenkins

    I done a brow masterclass with Scott and love it! After admiring his work for a long time I decided to take the plunge and go for it! I absolutely loved the technique and template used and it’s the first time I have really enjoyed practising! I will definitely take more training with him in the future.

  • Polly Vincent

    Excellent course, highly recommend

  • Lisa Mills

    Fabulous training, so knowledgable and brilliant support for after you have completed your training.

  • Amy Pariser

    Great training provider. Would definately recommend. Left my course feeling confident and knowledgable. Thank you again.

  • Claire Cronin

    It is always amazing how much fun I’ve had whilst gaining so much knowledge and confidence every course I have taken with Cosmetic FX
    I would highly recommend their training

  • Alison Wilkinson

    Where do I begin…I’ve been on lots of master classes and courses for PMU and I’ve got to admit, this was THEEE one I had been waiting for sooo long and it did not disappoint!

    The training courses are some of the most informative ones I’ve attended, plenty of pre study to give you a heads up, full of theory, and practical to back it up. It wasn’t just full of all the fluffy bits of the industry either, making you believe that everything’s always as perfect as social media makes you see or believe. This was REAL. From the moment I looked through the pre-study, I could tell every last detail had been thought about and thought about in great detail. It set the standard for what training was to come.

    Scott’s work ethic and delivery is just perfection. I’ll admit, I was super nervous before arriving. When you work on your own in the PMU industry, or any industry for that matter, it can leave you with a pretty daunting feeling most days but we have laughed and laughed even more as both Scott & CJ are both soooo down to earth so immediately your relaxed and the learning just flowed.

    I am extremely pleased I managed to make it on the Masterclass. I really cannot thank Scott enough! I would highly recommend to anyone and will definitely be seeking out this future training!

  • Sarah Hewitt

    Amazing training. Very veryyyyy good.

  • Christine Wood

    Enjoyed my training which was very worthwhile. Looking forward to doing future training with you again soon

  • Becci Gibbons

    I enjoyed the first course I attended so much I went for another (different technique) and I am planning a third asap!! CJ is great and always on hand to help any questions…
    The way Scott breaks down every class structure is such a great way to absorb the knowledge…
    His soothing voice and the fact they’re both easy on the eye has nothing to do with it I promise 😉

  • Taania Wood

    I SO enjoyed the course I did…..aside from learning so much, the day was so much fun and really relaxed. Thanks so much Scott & CJ!

  • Tracey Pullin

    I’ve really enjoyed all my masterclass training days with Scott & CJ. Scott is extremely thorough with with all the theory, but at the same time makes it simple to understand. The room is always relaxed and fun, loads of laughs on the way ! Just rebooked my next masterclass with them, can’t wait !

  • Karen Peake

    I absolutely cannot recommend enough. Having been on an exceptional amount of training & upskill days, I can honestly say scott holds nothing back. Unlike many that do he gives 200% as a mentor and has over the years become a close colleague & friend …. Absolute legend …. Don’t even get me started on CJ…. Just amazing experience ???? 10000 stars if it was an option ????????

  • Rebekah Ward

    I travelled from Northern Ireland to train with Scott and CJ and it was one of the best decisions I made for my career. This was a few years ago now and they both still provide so much help and support today. The knowledge I gained during my training has been invaluable and to top it off it was so much fun along the way. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Ingrid Eades

    I wwould just like to say that training with the lovely Scott has literally changed my life, I’m not even exaggerating, the level of work i am producing now vs the work i was producing before are literally poles apart. The after support is continuous and not only do you have Scott and cj to call on bit lots of other lovely artists with a wealth of knowledge and support, you never feel alone., I honestly can not recommend it enough, Scott and cj are so lovely, If you are considering doing a course with Scott just do it and see for yourself x

  • Sheila Robinson

    I had training with CJ & Scott last summer!! I’m not a huge fan of courses (I’ve had lots of bad experiences) always feel slightly nervous too.

    But wow, what an experience! An amazing one. So much knowledge, expertise and talent from these guys. I was blown away.

    Thanks for the advice, tips and giving me my confidence to do hair strokesz

  • Tania Rhodes

    Training with Scott has been the best thing I’ve done for my career. My skill have improved massively since the course and I have Scott and CJ to thank for that. The courses are in depth and informative but in a fun and relaxing environment. They put in a lot of hard work into their courses and I can honestly say they are the BEST.

  • Stacey

    Absolutely loved the way Scott & CJ trains their attention to detail is spot on they make sure you fully understand the courses any the reasons behind they way things are done. The best course I’ve been on to date. Can’t wait to do future training with them ?

  • Sophie

    Absolutely fantastic course I felt very nervous before attending the course with Scott but straight away he put me at ease. The course content was very in depth and very interesting Scott is a great teacher as he makes you look at things from all different angles. The communication from start to finish was fab and mainly the support afterwards is 5 star a lot of companies say they offer support after but this never seems to happen where as with Scott and CJ they are always there when you need them. Loved it so much already booked another course.

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