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  • Kira

    I did a training course with Jade a few weeks back and to say she has just started these courses it was amazing, she makes sure you understand completely before moving on to the next step. She is so professional and very easy to get along with. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking into becoming a brow technician

    1. Kimberley scheliga

      I did a few courses with jade over the past 6 months and the things you learn with her are amazing she always makes sure u understand everything and is still there to help me now anyone who dies a course with jade will not be disappointed she is amazing at her work and is a fab teacher

    2. Lucy

      I had jade for my acrylic design course. She was amazing! She went through everything so in depth and slowly, Jade is amazing! She Is very professional and the whole lesson was friendly! Couldn’t recommend her enough xx

      1. Natalia Mariasiewicz

        I did an acrylic course with Jade a couple of months ago and I couldn’t be any more grateful for her and the way she has taught me, she was really understanding and made sure we understand everything before moving to another step. The course also took me a little longer to complete due to not having time to complete case studies however Jade completely understood and didn’t make me feel bad for it, I absolutely loved every second of my course and the support I received after.
        Will definitely book more courses with jade in the future!

    3. Tess Good

      I had a rwfresher course with Jade in January. It was amazing and i was able to really improve and refine my Acrylic skills. Highly reccommend

    4. Samantha Cooper

      Absolutely loved doing the refresher course with Jade !!! I felt a lot more confident after the course and have already spoke to her about being put on the Xmas gel course

    5. Toni

      Jade Is amazing, high recommend doing a course with her !!

    6. Tanya

      I absolutely loved training with Jade, she’s so friendly and encouraging. I got feedback on the sets I did which really helped me improve. The support continues after passing the course too, Jade’s always happy to help! 100% reccomend x

    7. Stephanie Eden

      Hi I trained with Jade and she helped so much. She is amazing at her job very approachable and very patient I was the last to finish on my course day and she was fine about how slow I was never rushed me just waiting and let me finish, the course ran a little longer than it should because we were all chatting away

  • Leanne

    I have recently trained with Jade, it was a great experience, her teching skills made everything super understandable. I definitely would like to book on more courses with jade, she makes you feel super comfortable and you walk away confident in your new skill

    1. Kerri Vass

      Jade has been an amazing educator, making sure I’m confident in my abilities, I was so nervous but was instantly at ease with her teaching style and left every lesson not realising how much time had passed or how much information I’d actually taken in. Her support is phenomenal, knowing I am able to still ask for advice even after completing a course is priceless. Anyone looking into learning with Jade I would thoroughly recommend you go for it, you won’t regret it

      1. Helen Portman

        Completed the acrylic refresher and acrylic design online courses with Jade, so patient, kind and if I struggled with anything would always offer advice either whilst online or messaging, so helpful and such a lovely person.

        1. Melissa

          Ive done a few trainings with jade, ive done the refresher cojrse the gel and Acrylic design course.
          She is brilliant in what she does. Ive learned more with these three courses than my whole base course.

          She is the best!!!

        2. Kaylea Whitelaw

          Completed my refresher training with Jade today and I felt completely at ease and understood. Her course was informative and she took her time understanding my needs! Highly recommend Jade as am Educator! And has offered continued support throughout my journey going forward which always helps!

    2. Lucy

      Jade is absolutely brilliant at what she does. When I took the class she made sure everyone understood the step before moving on. She’s extremely encouraging and inspiring with her work. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Very well deserving of this.

    3. rhian

      I did an acrylic design courae with Jade, i found this clurse very informative and helpful, jade approached the courae in a very professional manner making us all feel comfortable and welcome via our zoom chat. And even after the course had finished jade is more than happy to help with any questions you may have. I very much enjoyed the course and would recommend jade to anyone who is looking.

  • Paula De giorgio

    I’ve just completed my first training session and would highly recommend. If thinking of doing a course I would definitely do it

  • Kayleigh

    Jade was an amazing educator. Really helped me understand and took time to show me multiple times on how to do various things. I would highly recommend jade to anyone else.

  • Gemma Nugent

    Very profession, kind and welcoming.
    Gave me a boost when needed to achieve the best work during my course! I will be back. Thank you Jade

  • Bonnie Wheatcroft

    I’ve done two courses via zoom with Jade and they have both been amazing. Jade is very patient and thorough and provides honest feedback so I really felt like I had learnt from the courses. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jade to anyone looking to further their knowledge and skills. Can’t wait to book the next one! ?

  • Deborah lowery

    Jade is an amazing educator she literally performed miracles with me, she was so supportive and encouraging during my training and any other courses I decide to do in the future Jade will be the only lady I will train with

  • Elaine

    I did training with jade this year and for me training with Jade was an absolute game changer. Even today if I have any questions or concerns jade always comes up and answers them

  • Lexi Otshudi

    Highly recommend training at Jade Mullin Academy. I have completed a range of training courses in Nail Services and will be completing the Brow and Lash training soon. Jade is approachable, caters for different learning styles and has a keen eye for detail. She truly wants you to be the best in your field so if something isn’t right she will be honest and give you that constructive feedback. The quality of training and feedback has actually enabled me to leave my full time office job and pursue this trade as my full time career. This is a decision you will not regret!

  • Sophie goudie

    Patience of a saint!!! Jade was so lovely and always took the time to go through your work and help you out. Took her time explaining and didn’t rush us during the course. Would highly recommend as she has really helped boost my confidence and achieve my goals xx

  • Natasha gharib

    Jade was my mentor for the acrylics and gel course and I couldn’t of had a better mentor! She made sure everyone knew what they were doing and she took her time when teaching us. I was made to feel at ease during the course and didn’t feel anxious at all. Jade really made sure we were producing the best work we possibly could. Jade is the best of the best!

  • Olivia

    I have just completed a Lash & Brow course with Jade and can’t praise her anymore. She is very professional, patient, understanding and amazing at teaching. I will be back for any further training and would highly recommend jade to train with ! Thank you so much

    1. Manpreet Pourawal

      I did the acrylic beginner course with Jade and I couldn’t of had a better educator. She is amazing. I struggled during the beginning of the course and Jade helped me so much and kept me motivated when I felt like giving up that I can now produce nails that I never thought I would ever be able to produce. She’s so patient, supportive and encouraging! Thank you for everything Jade x

  • Lauren Scott

    Jade has been an amazing educator even after i completed my course and was always willing to offer advice. I completed my acrylic course with her and she was so helpful, patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend her and hope to do more training with her in the future!

    1. Jelisha Mistry

      Started my nail journey doing the beginners acrylic course with Jade and she was excellent, I cannot thank her enough for her tips and tricks! Having never touched acrylic before I was quite nervous but Jade explains everything step by step and provides detailed feedback. Such a supportive educator, I will definitely be booking onto more courses with Jade once I’ve passed the acrylics course!

      1. Kelly Joy

        I completed the gel polish abs acrylic course with Jade a few weeks back now.

        Jade has been amazing. She was so thorough during the course, going through everything step by step and giving feedback at each stage.

        She has also been so efficient with replying to my messages and emails and has been able to help me with everything I needed to know.

        She is so professional but at the same able to have a laugh and made me feel so comfortable whilst on the course.

        Would highly recommend Jade and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Jessica

    I trained in acrylic and gel nails with Jade and she was excellent, she gave me all the knowledge and tools I needed to get started in the nail industry and I would go to her for any future courses I wish to complete. 100% recommend!

  • Jade vine

    Jade was incredible to be taught by
    I’ve been doing nails for so long but always lacked confidence
    After doing a few refresher and new courses with jase I feel great about doing clients and offering new things!

    I would now always request jade as an educator as she made me feel super comfortable and gave good feedback to lift us up when we had end got it quite right

  • Jane

    I have recently completed a course with Jade and must say it was the best decision I ever made, I would highly recommend this training academy to everyone and anyone who wants to go down this route.

  • Jordan

    Have done a couple of courses with Jade and to say she was helpful is an understatement! She made me feel so much at ease and relaxed the entire time and can always go to her for help when needed. Such an amazing educator and will be booking more courses soon.

  • Jodes

    I did a refresher course with jade as I didn’t feel confident with my prep, application and shape although I qualified a few months before (with a different training academy) after completing the refresher course with jade the difference with my work was unreal. She’s so down to earth and fun yet professional in every aspect of her teaching. Not only did she teach me alot on the day of my course she was there to offer any support and answer questions after too! I am so glad I choose her as my educator and I can not recommend her enough. She’s an inspiration

  • Charlotte

    Just finished my course with jade! Wow! Really goes through everything with you, always there after the course when I’ve needed to ask a question. Caters to each individual.
    You’d think jade had been doing this for years, with her knowledge and teaching ability’s. AmaziNg!! I’ll definitely be signing up for more courses later on!!

  • Rosie

    Jade is such a lovely and funny person. She is so patient with everything and she’s a brilliant teacher. Jade always answers my questions or anything that I might be concerned about. I really enjoyed doing my nail courses with her !

  • Hannah

    I cannot recommend Jade enough. Did an acrylic refresher course with her and she did a step by step method. She took her time helping me and showing me where I needed advice on. She was so good. She’s so lovely and down to earth, she knows if you’re struggling and will give you tips. She’s always available for advice. She truly is an inspiration.

  • Steph

    I done my refresher and gel design with Jade, my confidence was so much better when I finished both courses. Such a great educator, answered all questions asked and explained everything in detail. Highly recommend Jade 🙂

  • Jordan

    I was lucky enough to have Jade help me through my course and I love that I can just message her with any questions and she is so friendly and helpful. I found she was really easy to understand throughout the course and I’ve really enjoyed the courses I took and Jade and so thankful for all her help xxx

  • Maisie Clayton

    Absolutely amazing educator, so lovely and easy to talk to. Makes you feel very comfortable during the course. Helps you understand everything extremely well. You could ask the most basic of questions and she doesn’t make you feel stupid for asking.

  • Leah Hamilton

    I had jade for my fast track course and she was so amazing, helpful and patient! She made me feel incredibly relaxed whilst I was learning and is still supporting me 100%, would definitely recommend having jade as your educator! X

  • Deborah Hiorns

    I have just completed the 3 day fast track course, Jade was amazing. Everything was explained clearly and she went at your pace, always asking if we were OK and understood and if we needed to be shown or explained again. So pleased I did this course and highly recommend Jade. I will definitely do further training with Jade once I’m qualified.

  • Morven

    Jade has taken me for a few nail courses now and she has been amazing. She is so supportive, no question is silly and her inbox is always open even after the course is finished. She made me fall in love with doing acrylics again after years of me saying no to doing them. She explains everything so thoroughly and her knowledge is incredible. Will definitely be booking more courses with Jade!

  • Kiera Peacock

    I’ve recently completed the acrylic and gel course with Jade and can’t recommend her enough. I felt at ease from the start, even though I had zero nail knowledge or experience. The way she explains things is simple and clear, making it really easy for complete beginners to follow. Jade has been supportive and encouraging and gives clear and direct feedback. I can’t wait to sign up for the design courses with Jade

  • Carly bradley

    I trained with jade through glitterbels in the last lockdown, absolutely amazing… jade is so lovely and laid back, makes you feel very relaxed and explains everything perfectly. Nothing was ever too much & I can’t thank jade enough for her ongoing support even 8 months after passing..

    1. Rachael Carlin

      Loved training with jade she is the best I. The biz

  • Sarah Mace

    I did the refresher course with jade after I finished my L2 at college. Learnt so much with jade . I have autism and jade was just brilliant it is really difficult to find someone who can tech the way I learn jade was fantastic with me . I will definitely be booking more courses. Thank you for being patient with me. Sarah x

  • Poliina

    I completed my beginner fast track acrylic course feeling so confident, Jade is an amazing educator and makes sure to keep everyone in the lesson at the same level and gives constructive criticism for vital improvements. Would 100% recommend <3

  • Sarah Heyworth

    Loved every minute of my refresher course with Jade and can’t wait to do more courses with her.

  • Sarah Heyworth

    Loved every minute of my refresher course with Jade, I couldn’t believe the difference in a matter of matter of hours. I can’t wait to do more courses with her.

  • Shanelle

    I did a course with jade a few months ago and it truly was just amazing, the way she explains everything and is just so patient, I couldn’t believe how quick I picked it up and what I managed to achieve in just a couple of hours because of the detail jade went into explaining how to do it. The fact she uploads recordings onto a private Facebook group so I can look back whenever I need to has also been a massive help too! Will put Jade’s name down in future if I do anymore courses too???

  • Kelsie Mcinnes

    I took my acrylic beginners course with Jade March 2021 and had my second lesson the first week in April 2021.
    Wow! Jade is a fantastic teacher, who has a great talent and skill. Jade made me feel so at ease during my lessons and that no question was a silly question. I passed off all of my case studies at the end of April 2021, I genuinely cannot believe that before then I’d never picked up a acrylic brush and can produce the nails that I have and that’s all thanks to Jade’s teaching skills.
    Jade’s help and expertise doesn’t end when your get sent your certificate and is always more than happy to answer my little messages for any questions or queries I may have or when I send her a set of nails for feedback to make sure I’m still on the right track.
    In may 2021 I then booked my place in Jade’s Acrylic Design class which again was absolutely amazing! Never in my life did I think I could produce the work and designs that I did in one lesson!
    If you’re looking to book a course with Jade, don’t wait. I guarantee you will not regret it!
    I can’t wait to book on more courses with Jade to further my nail skills xx

  • Sparkle

    I did a refresher course with Jade Mullin, If I could give more stars, I would. She is so amazing! Im so pleased i did this course, she made me feel so comfortable and explained everything in so much detail and helped us all so much! i feel so much more confident doing acrylic nails now after her help! and i am so grateful! Highly recommend taking this course x

  • Leane

    I recently did the gel nails course with Jade she was very professional and explained everything and gave very clear demonstrations. The recordings on the private group as fantastic as i am a visual learner and means i can look back again and again if need be. Thank you so much Jade.

  • Lindsey chaseley

    I did some training with Jade and have another course booked with her this month, she is fantastic, makes you feel so at ease, not only does she boss the training but she is friendly, funny and so down to earth and I think that is needed when so many people like my self are so nervous, everything is explained clearly and thoroughly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned, she is just amazing!

  • Hannah

    I’ve been with 3 educators with different nail courses and jade has by far been my favourite educator, absolutely lovely lady and no question goes with out a fantastic detailed answer or explanation from jade she truly goes above and beyond and never judges any questions you have or your ability she’s just so supportive and make you feel so positive and comfortable,
    a long time after my course now and she still answers any questions that I have out of the blue would recommend 1 million percent ! Hoping to book the other courses with jade too !

  • Casey loughran

    I did a Gel polish beginner course with Jade and loved every second of it, she was so thorough and informative and I felt like I gained so much knowledge. Jade was so welcoming and made the whole experience feel relaxed and enjoyable and also helped with any questions I had! I would highly recommend Jade for this course and any other courses! X

  • Tamara Ann Caswell

    I did the online refresher course with Jade and it was amazing, Jade is very friendly and made me feel at ease as well as being very thorough with the training. Everything was covered and she made sure we all understood each step and checked are work between each step making sure we understood everything before moving onto the next step. Not only do I now feel 100 times more confident she explained things in ways that was a lot easier to understand so I now feel more confident when doing things as i understand them more while doing them. I feel I can now go back to enjoying doing nails again. Jade is a amazing educator and all round lovely person and I will be booking with Jade again 100%. Xx

  • Abbie

    So happy I did the beginners Acrylic course with Jade such a lovely person and very helpful when asking for feedback and explaining things, so grateful for all the help would 100% recommend

  • Amy Balk

    I have done 3 courses with Jade so far and she has been absolutely incredible.She really does go above and beyond to make sure that you understand everything! Not only does she support you when you’re on your course she will always support you going forward as well. I can’t recommend her enough! X

  • Christia

    Jade is such an amazing educator, honestly I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve done my acrylic, gel and builder gel course with her and each of them was amazing. She ensures you understand everything and gives the necessary feedback to help if and when needed. She’s fun and bubbly yet very professional, makes learning less stressful and she gives a chill vibe. Any future courses I will definitely try to book on her days as she’s the best! : )
    Thanks so much Jade x

  • Casey Coyte

    I did my fast track online acrylic and gel polish with Jade and it was such an amazing experience! I couldn’t recommend her as an educator enough, she was very knowledgable and helped answer any questions the class asked her. Her teaching was fantastic and I don’t know where I’d be without her training. 10/10 very kind and welcoming, helped easy any anxiety I had and really made the whole thing educational and fun. Thank you so much Jade!! Xxx

  • Aimee P

    I had Jade for my gel and acrylic beginniners course and she was fab! I was so nervous to even go on the courses but I was instantly put at ease. Her style in teaching is amazing and made me feel so relaxed. Every step was taught through carefully and she made sure not to carry on until we all were confident in what we were doing. She was so lovely and easy to get along with and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to train in nails.I shall be choosing her definitely when I do more courses.

  • Sara

    Jade was brilliant on my course! She made me feel at ease and was great at explaining and offering encouragement when I was struggling with something. She has offered help and support when needed ever since the course. I would definitely recommend taking a course with jade!

  • AnneMarie Sayers

    I’ve now done full acrylic/gel, acrylic design and efile training courses with Jade. I saw her work online and admired her teaching methods. I requested Jade to be my acrylic educator initially, then returned to her for more courses due to how amazing she is. Not only is she out-of-this-world talented, but she is so lovely and personable. Extremely easy to get on with, have a laugh with and pleasure to be taught by. Jade is a fountain of knowledge, she has single handedly turned me into a nail technician, and the skills I have acquired are attributed entirely to her teaching methods and techniques. Jade is INCREDIBLY talented in many areas and I, for one, am blessed to have been educated by her. Thank you for everything Jade!

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