CPD Accreditation of Training Bodies

CPD Accreditation Criteria

A CPD accreditation body is an organisation that provides accreditation services to insititutes, which is a formal, third party recognition of training courses, articles, events or webinars. In other words, it means that organisations seeking accreditation can demonstrate to their customers that they have been successful at meeting the requirements of international accreditation standards.

In the last few decades, many specified standards have been developed, and with them, the number of organisations that check conformity and compliance with these standards has grown. Centre of CPD Excellence is a specialised CPD accreditation body in that we only accredit training or events within the Hair, Beauty, Holistic and Aesthetics sector. With a panel of specialists, we are able to evaluate and assess the training provider to ensure that they deliver exceptional standards in education. 

Our training providers must agree to our academy charter when registering their academy and courses with us. 

What do we expect from our Training Providers before we offer CPD Accreditation:

1. To be qualified, experienced and competent in the subject area that they are delivering. 

2. Provide students with adequate training resources, including but not limited to training manuals, powerpoints, online videos, consultation forms, stock lists and post-training support. 

3. Use professional and legally sourced products that meet the legal guidelines of their governing country. E.g., Obtaining prescribed products through a prescriber and pharmacy, using CE marked products and/or products registered on the CNP or SCNP portal.

4. Deliver training in a legally compliant and safe environment, ensuring students are inducted with safe practices in alignment with their industry and observation of fire evacuation policies. Students should also be told of the academies policies and procedures and how to raise any concerns with training. 

5. Academies should have a written complaints procedure to outline the methods a student can raise any issues in regards to training and the expected response times. 

6. Academies should hold adequate insurance to cover students and models. 

7. To remain professional at all times through all forms of contact with students and other professionals and services, either through direct contact (i.e. email, private messages, phone calls, in-person) or through social media channels (i.e. public forums, groups, pages). 

Regarding the quality of training and services, CPD accreditation bodies play an important role because we are motivated to define and measure the quality of our industry. Our vision and mission are to improve training standards throughout the industry; most accreditation bodies include quality improvement in their respective fields. This helps keep accredited programs constantly focused on quality improvement as one of their own measures of success.

When an organisation has been accredited by an CPD accreditation body, it has been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate competence, impartiality, and performance capability. Most accreditation bodies provide a list of the organisations they have accredited, facilitating the search of these accredited organisations. You can see our accredited training providers here. 

Centre of CPD Excellence is unique in that we constantly assess and evaluate our approved training providers, unlike other CPD accreditation bodies. We only want to be associated with the very best of training providers, and we believe a constant evaluation process allows organisations accredited by us to keep their standards high. 

As well as our own regular checks that include annual reviews of insurance cover validity, CPD compliance and undercover spot checks where appropriate, we also rely on the students of these academies to provide ongoing feedback. We actively encourage students to leave reviews for their training providers. This allows us to monitor and assess areas where academies can improve their services to students and flag training providers that may fall short of our high standards. 

One of the most important parts of our CPD accreditation unique to the Centre of CPD Excellence is the opportunity for students to ‘Report an Academy‘. We encourage students to first follow the complaints procedure of their academy, or if that has not been provided to you, you will need to use ours as a guide. Students can view our recommended complaints procedure here. 

We may not directly respond to any reviews or reports left for academies, but please be assured that the reviews and reports left, whether accepted or rejected, are noted. Consistent spikes in bad feedback or reports will lead to the direct action of the Centre of CPD Excellence with the academy in question. 

Submission of negative reviews or reports should be supported with evidence to prove your claim where possible. To avoid abuse of the review system, we constantly monitor reviews and reports, and we may ask for evidence of any claims left. Likewise, we use advanced algorithms to detect misuse of our review system. Our team also investigates a sudden increase in positive reviews, especially after a negative review or repeated reviews from the same IP address. 

Our main aim is to create a seal of approval that professionals within the Hair, Beauty, Aesthetics and Holistics industry can trust.

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  1. I’ve completed a number of CPD courses. I understand there is a points system. Is there somewhere I can log these or keep track of how many points I’ve gained from the courses I’ve completed?

    1. Hi Natasha

      CPD records are independently kept by yourself. It is useful to have a file to record your CPD. This can be courses you attended or articles you have read or trade shows visited.

      A sheet at the front of the folder can be used to record your CPD activity. Write down the date, the activity undertaken and record the hours or CPD points.

      Keep copies of your certificates or attendance records in the file.

      This is good practice and great for showing to future employers or if you are assessed by external bodies as part of your job role.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Hi, is it possible to find a training provider and a list of CPD points for their courses please. Thanks

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