Carbon Footprint Statement

It is now more important than ever for businesses to take a look at their carbon footprint and how we look at ways to become more environmentally friendly.

When choosing partner businesses, we are aware many academies are now choosing those that are carbon neutral to work alongside. We are proud to state, that the Centre of CPD Excellence is 100% Carbon Neutral!

We regularly look at ways to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment. So how do we manage to do this and in what ways do we reduce our impact?

1. Since COVID, our staff were forced to work from home. During the lockdown, we decided that we could easily communicate via Zoom for meetings, email and task setting apps. We decided to let our office go, this meant that our staff would use less electricity, and not need to travel by car reducing emissions.

2. All our staff are committed to changing their lightbulbs to LED lights and unplugging any office equipment when not in use.

3. Our job requires limited printing and therefore the limited use of paper and inks. Where possible notes are taken digitally and saved on an encrypted server. We use CRM systems that have two-factor authentication to ensure your data is safe and secure and we email over all documents for our academies to reduce printing, paper and of course saving on emissions by posting documents. Of course, we do understand that our academies may print their certificates, but they can use the image on digital frames or post to social media and websites instead.

4. Any paper used is recycled and any ink cartridges used are refilled with a local refill service. I drop by when I take my dogs for a walk, so we again reduce emissions by not having to ship items.

5. Like some of our partners, we choose to work with companies that have the same beliefs as we do and take responsibility for their own carbon emissions.

6. We provide our staff with a bonus each quarter to invest in plants for their home and garden. Plants not only purify the air but they also produce oxygen and on top of all the health benefits for our staff, it is also amazing for the environment.

7. We go one step further and plant 24 trees every month, yes, that’s right! By planting trees you can offset your carbon emissions. This scheme is through Ecologi and for just a few pounds every month, you can offset your emissions as well! Use our referral link here and they will plant 30 trees for each of us when you join.

Let us know in the comments section below how you are reducing your carbon footprint and making our industry sustainable.

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