BBC Three Documentary, Under the Skin: The Botched Beauty Business

An undercover documentary has been released about the rise of poor, unsafe beauty training, especially in regards to invasive procedures.

Treatments that are invasive and involve the use of needles and blades MUST always be taught to face to face. Over the last year we have allowed online training for some less invasive procedures with minimal risk to safety for clients. Enrolment of online courses should only be done where the students meet a pre-requisite that shows competency in a procedure similar too the course they wish to study or has a good base of knowledge before training.

Course may offer a blended training approach of theory online, as long as their is a practical element of training taken in the classroom to ensure competency. Full online training courses for invasive procedures (unless masterclasses) will never be accredited by the Centre of CPD Excellence.

Whilst we are aware that many accreditation companies are happy to provide this, as long-served beauty therapists and aestheticians we are strongly against this teaching approach and will not endorse it in any way.

To be clear, courses such as Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Beginners Filler, Cannula Filler, Lip Filler (unless a master class), Beginners Botulinum Toxin (unless advanced procedures, where the student has shown competency in providing regular procedures), and PDO threads etc are not endorsed by the Centre of CPD Excellence as solely online courses.

Our role as an accreditation company is to protect you, the business from harm, your students, our brand name and the industries reputation. We will always advise against methods of teaching that may cause harm to your business and ours.

We will always have academies that leave us to be accredited by other companies with low standards, and that is ok with us. We are proud to only accredit the very best academies and the training providers that care about their standards of teaching.

You can watch the documentary on the link below:

BBC Documentary: Under the Skin: The Botched Beauty Business

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