Academy Charter

Academy Charter

When choosing Centre of CPD Excellence, you must first agree to our academy charter. This is a binding agreement between yourself and our company. Failure to meet the criteria of our charter may result in the non-renewal of your accreditation. The idea of our charter is to maintain high standards in training and education and create a brand name that students associate with quality academies.

All our training academies agree to:

Ensure all training staff hold relevant teaching qualifications and have a minimum of six months experience in the courses they deliver.

Deliver courses within a professional timeframe that allows students to have time to be taught theory and practical and to work on adequate models to ensure they are competent.

Give informed training manuals that cover all aspects of the treatment being taught. Students should be trained in appropriate health and safety, correct use of PPE and contraindications and contra-actions, as well as how to perform an in-depth client consultation.

Train students that meet the minimum pre-requisite requirements in accordance with industry guidelines.

Provide ongoing support for students post-training.

Deal with complaints within 14 days of their receipt and reach a suitable resolution for both parties within 28 days.

Act professionally at all times towards your students, industry colleague’s and on public forums.

Have appropriate insurance for teaching at all times.

Ensure your training rooms/academy meet all health and safety requirements and are conducive to local bye-laws.

Work towards improving industry standards through delivering exceptional training and support. 

Every trainer to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of additional CPD learning every year and to provide this upon request. 

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