Academies FAQ’s

A. Yes, you need to notify us if you have any changes in your application. This includes a change of address or personal details, a change to your training manuals or insurance.

A. You can achieve our Gold CPD logo once you receive a minimum of 20 comments with 95% positive feedback.

Failure to maintain a high feedback of 90% of more may result in Centre of CPD Excellence not renewing your annual contract.

A. All academies with active accreditation will be automatically entered into our awards recognition program. Awards are as follows:

Top Rated Academy 

Academies with consistent high feedback and with a review average of over 4.5 will be rated ‘Top Rated Academy’. We should not have received any complaints or disputes within the year, you will maintain outstanding customer service and achieve over 20 positive feedback, and maintain the average of 4.5 our of 5 rating. 

We will select the academies with the highest ratings, within your demographic area and the courses you deliver. Academies will be automatically entered and awards will be sent in the post and listed on our social media and your website listing. Awards run from October to September. 

Rising Star

The award for new-comers. Each year we will choose the top academies that joined within the 12 months prior to the award date. Our program for the ‘rising star’ will run May to April. 

Academies will be chosen based on the feedback received from students and selected via course category. Awards will be announced on our social media and your website listing. 

Students Choice 

Students will have the chance to vote for their favourite academies and trainers in our ‘students choice awards’. Applications will open on the 1st of January through to the 31st January. Winners will be announced in February via our social media channels and via your web listing. 

Students will vote for their favourite trainers and training academies based on several categories. Categories will include: Aesthetics academy and trainer, Nail academy and trainer, Lash academy and trainer, Beauty academy and trainer and so on. Academies can enter for more that one category. Full information will be sent to our listed academies at the time of voting being open. 

Diamond Academy 

Achieve over 1000 positive feedbacks and an average of 4.5 rating to win our Diamond Academy award! 

Centre of Excellence 

Achieve over 5000 positive feedback and an average of 4.5 rating to win our exclusive ‘Centre of Excellence’ award. 

Centre of CPD Excellence want to do things a little differently. We want to listen to your students feedback. Any student leaving feedback or a complaint can be disputed, if you feel that the students claims are not valid. This might be in cases of sabotage, or a simple misunderstanding. We will review the complaint and remove feedback if the claim is invalid. We will not be able to remove feedback unless the complaint is not able to be substantiated from either side.

If an academy receives several complaints or bad reviews over a 12 month period, that is substantiated with evidence from student’s, we reserve the right to cancel your accreditation. 

If you feel a review has been left that is incorrect, please use our academy forms section to fill out an appeals form. 

A. You will be the one to provide your student with their certificate in the qualification they have trained in as long as you are satisfied that they are competent enough in carrying out what they have been taught. As part of the accreditation documents needed, we need to see an example of your students’ certificate and it must have our silver or gold seal of approval on it to get recognised by our insurance providers.