Academies FAQ’s

A. We will need to see proof of the following for the accreditation application:

  • Copy of your teaching certificate, this will need to be an Ofqual backed award such as AET, PTTLS or equivalent. We also accept nursing degrees as this includes the teaching and assessing criteria to deliver courses to adult learners. 

  • Copies of any certificates for the courses you are qualified or trained in, in which you wish to teach. You will need a minimum of 12 months experience in advanced treatments and 6 months experience in foundation courses.

    Proof of your current insurance for teaching.

    Manuals and lesson plans for each course you wish to accredit.

    Your logo to add to your website listing on our website.

    Certificates for any additional trainers. They will also need to have a teaching qualification and hold certificates in the areas they wish to teach.

    Policies and procedures for your academy including your academy terms and conditions.

    Completed application form, contract and payment

A. We aim to complete all accreditation applications within 7-10 working days from the receipt of all documents and payment. 

This is very often done within the week, but can take longer during busier times. 

A. The manual is an integral part of your training course and establishes the content that will be delivered to the student. 

Manuals should contain the relevant information a student will need after their course. 

We will need to see copies of your manuals prior to accepting a course. Manuals should include the following: 


Health and safety 

Anatomy and physiology 

Treatment history

About the treatment and how the treatment works


Client consultation and consultation form


Pre and post-treatment advice

Treatment protocol

A. Centre of CPD Excellence realise that there is a great need for our industry to move with the times and technology. 

We are happy for academies to deliver theory online, if this theory is delivered via online video content, zoom or other video messaging app, pre-course study where the student receives the manual but has to undertake a certain level of self-study and assessment based tests or workbook study. 


Online theory training has many advantages; it is time saving for you and your students and allows the student to study at their own pace, and repeat the training often to ensure they understand the theory behind the treatment. 


Since COVID, many academies have moved training online and this includes the practical element of the course as well as the theory. 

Centre of CPD Excellence are happy to accredit online courses, where that course can be safely delivered. This includes:


Theory – where the practical element in face to face. 

Theory – where the practical element is delivered via video messaging. 

Theory and practical online where the treatment can be safely delivered in this way. The treatments should be non-invasive and you will need to ensure that the student can gain adequate insurance post training for the online course. 

Theory and practical online where the treatment is an advanced procedure or masterclass, where the student holds a foundation certificate in the treatment. An example of this would be Russian volume lashes, where the student has previous face to face classic lash training. Advanced injectable procedures, whereby the student has a foundation certificate in the subject area and has adequate experience. 

We will not cover foundation courses where the training is fully online, this includes; Botulinum toxin, microneedling, dermaplaning or any treatment that involves breaking the skin. 


Academies should always check that the insurance companies you refer students too are happy for this method of teaching delivery.

A. To accredit an online course we will still need to receive the same document as regular training. We recommend that students receive a manual to download or keep to refer back to. If you do not have a manual, then a copy of the powerpoint slides or script are acceptable. 

A. We will need to receive the following policies and procedures:

Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Policy

Complaints Procedure

Appeals Procedure

Equality & Diversity Policy

GDPR & Data Protection Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Learner Induction Policy

Violence and Threatening Behaviour Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Terms & Conditions

Centre Management Policy

Cookies Policy

Course Review Process

Malpractice Policy

A. We accredit any courses within the hair, beauty, holistic and aesthetics industry. This includes, but not limited too: 

Nail courses

Lash & brow courses

Massage and holistic therapies

Hair removal

Facials including electrical

Body treatments including electrical

Laser treatments

Advanced aesthetic procedures such as fillers, mesotherapy and botulinum toxin

Cosmetic tattooing such as microblading and permanent makeup

Tattooing and body piercing

Hair colouring techniques

Hair cutting and barbering

Psychic and new age

Hair extensions

Branded treatments, product training and workshops

Business courses such as management, social media management and other business development training aimed towards the hair, beauty, holistic and aesthetic industry


Developed a new treatment or product and want to provide accredited training? We also cover bespoke courses that require CPD points and accreditation to ensue trust from students in your training. 

A. Yes, you need to notify us if you have any changes in your application. This includes a change of address or personal details, a change to your training manuals or insurance.

A. You can achieve our Gold CPD logo once you receive a minimum of 20 comments with 95% positive feedback.

Failure to maintain a high feedback of 90% of more may result in Centre of CPD Excellence not renewing your annual contract.

A. All academies with active accreditation will be automatically entered into our awards recognition program. Awards are as follows:

Top Rated Academy 

Academies with consistent high feedback and with a review average of over 4.5 will be rated ‘Top Rated Academy’. We should not have received any complaints or disputes within the year, you will maintain outstanding customer service and achieve over 20 positive feedback, and maintain the average of 4.5 our of 5 rating. 

We will select the academies with the highest ratings, within your demographic area and the courses you deliver. Academies will be automatically entered and awards will be sent in the post and listed on our social media and your website listing. Awards run from October to September. 

Rising Star

The award for new-comers. Each year we will choose the top academies that joined within the 12 months prior to the award date. Our program for the ‘rising star’ will run May to April. 

Academies will be chosen based on the feedback received from students and selected via course category. Awards will be announced on our social media and your website listing. 

Students Choice 

Students will have the chance to vote for their favourite academies and trainers in our ‘students choice awards’. Applications will open on the 1st of January through to the 31st January. Winners will be announced in February via our social media channels and via your web listing. 

Students will vote for their favourite trainers and training academies based on several categories. Categories will include: Aesthetics academy and trainer, Nail academy and trainer, Lash academy and trainer, Beauty academy and trainer and so on. Academies can enter for more that one category. Full information will be sent to our listed academies at the time of voting being open. 

Diamond Academy 

Achieve over 1000 positive feedbacks and an average of 4.5 rating to win our Diamond Academy award! 

Centre of Excellence 

Achieve over 5000 positive feedback and an average of 4.5 rating to win our exclusive ‘Centre of Excellence’ award. 

Centre of CPD Excellence want to do things a little differently. We want to listen to your students feedback. Any student leaving feedback or a complaint can be disputed, if you feel that the students claims are not valid. This might be in cases of sabotage, or a simple misunderstanding. We will review the complaint and remove feedback if the claim is invalid. We will not be able to remove feedback unless the complaint is not able to be substantiated from either side.

If an academy receives several complaints or bad reviews over a 12 month period, that is substantiated with evidence from student’s, we reserve the right to cancel your accreditation. 

If you feel a review has been left that is incorrect, please use our academy forms section to fill out an appeals form. 

A. You will be the one to provide your student with their certificate in the qualification they have trained in as long as you are satisfied that they are competent enough in carrying out what they have been taught. As part of the accreditation documents needed, we need to see an example of your students’ certificate and it must have our silver or gold seal of approval on it to get recognised by our insurance providers.

A. This depends on the treatment itself and your previous experience. 

For general beauty treatments you should have at least 12 months industry experience before teaching, but ideally 3 years to ensure you are able to answer any of your students questions. 

The same applies for aesthetic treatments, especially if you had no prior industry experience before training. 

When adding new treatments, we take in to account your previous experience. That means, some treatments you may be able to teach straight away. This could be for new treatments, or treatments that are similar too or have the same technology as a treatment you already have previous experience in. For example; Lash lifting and brow lamination are similar services. Hot Stone massage is similar to Hot Shell massage. Advanced botulism procedures are similar to the same technique as regular botulism procedures. 

We take into account your experience and knowledge into account when you need to add new courses to your accreditation. Where a treatment may be skilled, and is new to you then we would expect a set level of experience of around a year to allow you to troubleshoot if your students have any issues. 

A. As long as the trainer is working under your business name, there are no additional charges for other trainers. 

A. Send your business link direct to your students after a course and ask them to leave you a review! The more reviews you have the more bookings you are likely to receive. 

Students can also find you on the search bar of our website. They can enter either your company name or your company number. 

A. Reviews may not instantly show up as we have to accept each review. Reviews will usually be accepted on to the site within 3 working days. This is to prevent abuse of the system. 

The Centre of CPD Excellence use sophisticated software that will ensure only genuine and honest reviews are allowed on our site. 


Reviews may not be accepted for the following reasons:

Too many reviews at the same time.

Reviews are all coming from the same location.

Reviews are similar too/sounding like they are from the same person

Reviews are left by models or your own clients. We only accept reviews left by students. 

There are also other factors which are looked at when the reviews are left. We are unable to disclose these as we wish to ensure all reviews left are genuine. This allows students a platform to find honest feedback on academies and entrust our accreditation for approving the best academies in the industry. 

To date, no other accreditor provides this feature.

A. Every company will receive a bad review at some point. The Centre of CPD Excellence understand that sometimes a student and a trainer may not always be a perfect match. Even at school, we all had a favourite teacher, and one we dreaded. 

Bad reviews should be seen as a positive way to find out your businesses weaknesses. It can also be a great way to show others how you deal with complaints. Sometimes though it may just be a simple case of two people not seeing eye to eye. 

Do not try to bury a bad review. This is always obvious to customers. Instead, write a reply and ask the student to make direct contact so that you can deal with the issue directly. 

If you believe the review to be untrue or sabotage, you can ask us to step in and investigate. We will contact the reviewer and ask them to provide proof of any allegations left in their review. 

If the student is unable to provide any proof, or does not make contact with us, then the review will be removed. 

You can use the form link below to report a suspicious review: 

Report a Review Form 

Please note, that reporting a review will not always mean that we will remove it. We take into account the information provided by the student, and if it is valid, then the review will remain on your listing. 

A. If you need to add more courses you can use any of the forms on the link below: 

Academy Forms 

A. You can find a full list of insurers on the page link below: 

Insurance Partners

A. Your accreditation fee is due every year. You will be invoiced for the number of courses you have within the most appropriate plan. If you have added on courses throughout the year and paid for extra courses each time, you will billed for the plan you are within. 

For example: if you are on the starter plan with 5 courses accredited you will be billed at £199 to renew. 

If you are on the starter plan with 5 courses, but added 2 more on over the year at £44 each, your plan will be renewed on the 6-10 course plan at £349. 

If you paid the initial unlimited plan payment, you will only ever pay your annual renewal of £549. 

Invoices are sent out two weeks prior to your renewal date. The invoice must be paid before the end of the renewal month or your accreditation will be cancelled. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you know when your accreditation is up for renewal and to keep an eye out for our invoice. If you feel like you have not received your invoice, please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please email us with your academy name and academy number and let us know. It may be that we have the wrong contact details for you. Please ensure you keep all your contact details with us up to date. 

Upon paying your renewal invoice, updated documents will be sent out within 7-10 days to your listed email.