About Accreditation

Q. What courses do you accredit?

A. We accept and accredit all types of courses within the hair, beauty, holistic and aesthetic sectors. All we ask is that you agree to our academy charter upon joining and deliver exceptional training to your students. The Centre of CPD Excellence logo should be synonymous with excellent training and standards and a name and logo that students trust. You can view a full list of courses that we accredit by visiting this page here. If you do not see your course listed that you want accrediting, or you wish to have a product training course accredited then please contact us.

Q. How does the application process work?

A. Once we receive your application, you will receive an email with an invoice for payment of your chosen package. Once your invoice is paid, we will send you a list of documents that you will need to submit to complete your accreditation. You will need to provide us with the course title, syllabus, description of the course, maximum students attending, length of course and pre requisites for the course, as well as a copy of your manual, teaching certificates, certificates for the courses to show you are qualified to teach and copies of your policies and procedures and terms and conditions.

Upon acceptance of your paperwork you will initially be sent the Silver CPD logo to display on your certificates, along with a unique number to display on your certificates. A list of courses that you have accredited will be listed on your directory listing on our website.

Q. What qualifications do I need to start teaching?

A. All trainers/tutors must hold a minimum of Level 3 teaching & education qualification.

Q. Do you accredit online training courses?

A. Yes, you will need to provide us with access to the course and all downloads, handouts or paperwork provided during the course before we give our decision.

Q. How much does it cost to accredit online training courses?

A. This price is an additional £50 per course on top of your course allowance or £99 outside of your allowance.

Q. What else do you accredit?

A. We provide CPD (continued professional development) points for a range of educational activities. These can include:

  • Blog Articles
  • Vlog Articles
  • Workshops
  • Open Days
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Magazines

Cost per article or event is £99. Please email us for a form to submit your event. You will be allocated our Silver CPD logo to use.

Q. Why is the first course we register free?

A. Centre of CPD Excellence is a new platform and we are proud of what we have created. We wanted academies to register on our site so that:

  • They can build up feedback and use our accreditation logo on their website and the one course we accredit during the process.
  • Still be associated with Centre of CPD Excellence whilst their existing contract comes to an end with their current CPD provider.
  • Builds a large database of the best training academies in the world, so that students can choose their next training provider with confidence.

To register your first course free, then please use the form on the join us page today!

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Registration & Accreditation for up to 5 courses £199

Registration & Accreditation for up to 10 courses £349

Registration & Accreditation for up to 20 courses £549

Price per additional courses £55/£44/£35.75

Annual renewal fee for accreditation – dependent upon package to a maximum renewal fee of £549

The accreditation fee will be paid upon receipt of invoice.

Please note that the Centre of CPD Excellence reserve the right to refuse or withdraw accreditation at any time. Refused applications will be issued a full refund if we are unable to accredit courses for your training academy. No refunds will be issued If we terminate the contract due to breach of our Academy Charter or Terms & Conditions.

The accreditation application fee is required to be paid in full within 7 days of receiving your invoice. We will only review your documents once payment has been received. (Fees set out as above).        

Fees can be paid by online through your invoice. In the unlikely event that your application is unsuccessful, all fees will be fully refunded.

Q. How long will it take for the accreditation process?

A. Once you have submitted all documents required it will take around 5 days to process your accreditation application. If we require more information, then this might take longer.

Q. What is required in the training manual or online course?

A.  Before you can become a Centre of CPD Excellence accredited you need to make sure that your students training manual is up to a set standard covering all information needed.

Please ensure all training manuals include all relevant information as below:

  • Front cover, including company details (logo, name, contact details)
  • Health & safety
  • Code of ethics, data protection and other related legal requirements
  • Licensing information where appropriate
  • Relative course anatomy & physiology
  • Treatment preparation
  • Sterilisation methods & hygiene
  • The process and an example of a consultation form
  • Contra-indications & Contra-actions
  • Treatment procedure
  • Aftercare and example of an aftercare sheet
  • Troubleshooting Maintenance 

In addition to the above please submit a corresponding lesson plan or syllabus to each training manual. For example, a breakdown of the practical and theory work and how much time will be allocated to each.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to write your own manuals, you can purchase pre-written manuals from Salon Expert which meet our accreditation standards.

Please see their website for more details. www.salonexpert.co.uk

Q. What other information will I need to provide?

A.  You will need to provide the following:

  • All certificates of qualifications
  • Your teaching qualification
  • Copy of your Insurance Certificate to cover you for teaching
  • All training manuals, handouts & powerpoints that you will be issuing to your students
  • Corresponding lesson plan or syllabus for each manual you are submitting
  • A sample of the certificate that you will be giving out to your students once they have completed your training.
  • The completed forms which can be found here.

You may then send us your documents electronically via email to accreditation@centreofcpdexcellence.com

Q. What are the pre-requisites for my course?

A. A pre-requisite is a requirement of some training courses to ensure an individual has sufficient knowledge, understanding and experience in their subject area.

At Centre of CPD Excellence we only accredit courses that teach students that meet the national occupational standards and our recommended pre-requisite requirements. Students that study a course without meeting industry required pre-requisites may find that they are not insured during the event of a claim. Even those practising with insurance may find this insurance invalid due to not having the minimum expected requirements. It is therefore the responsibility of your training academy to ensure that you only teach students that can provide proof of these pre-requisites prior to attending a course with you.

Q. Who issues my students with certificates?

A. You will be the one to provide your student with their certificate in the qualification they have trained in as long as you are satisfied that they are competent enough in carrying out what they have been taught. As part of the accreditation documents needed, we need to see an example of your students’ certificate and it must have our silver or gold seal of approval on it to get recognised by our insurance providers.

Q. How do I renew my accreditation?

A. Accreditation is renewable every 12 months. This is through an upfront payment of the fees 30 days prior to your contract ending, or you can pay by monthly instalments 12 months in advance. For example, if you sign up today with 20 courses, then you would pay the full price of £549, then pay £45.75 every month for 12 months, 30 days after your initial payment.  This allows you to spread the costs, without any large payouts in a years time.

Q. What happens if my academy receives a bad review or complaint?

A. Centre of CPD Excellence want to do things a little differently. We want to listen to your students feedback. Any student leaving feedback or a complaint can be disputed, if you feel that the students claims are not valid. This might be in cases of sabotage, or a simple misunderstanding. We will review the complaint and remove feedback if the claim is invalid. We will not be able to remove feedback unless the complaint is not able to be substantiated from either side.

If an academy receives too many bad reviews or complaints we will not renew your accreditation when it runs out.

Q. My accreditation status was revoked, can I appeal?

A. Once we revoke the accreditation status of your training school you will be unable to renew with us the following year. There is no chance to appeal this.  Our systems also cross match addresses, trainers, academy names and other similar data that prevents those revoked from reapplying using false information.

Centre of CPD Excellence wants to ensure students can trust our accreditation process as being the best in the industry and protects them from cowboy academies.

Q. How do I achieve Gold Status?

A. You can achieve our Gold CPD logo once you receive a minimum of 20 comments with 95% positive feedback.

Failure to maintain a high feedback of 90% of more may result in Centre of CPD Excellence not renewing your annual contract.

Q. What are the special offers for academies registered?

A. We will be working with companies and businesses to secure exclusive offers for our training providers. You will be notified of these via email.

Q. Do I need to notify you of any changes?

A. Yes, you need to notify us if you have any changes in your application. This includes a change of address or personal details, a change to your training manuals or insurance.

Q. Why do we need to keep records of our CPD every year?

A. It is our intention to ensure that academies meet the standards of the industry by undertaking additional learning every year to expand their skills. This should be done through a variety of learning activities such as:

  • Industry Forums
  • Industry Magazines
  • Books
  • Conferences
  • Events and workshops
  • Training courses
  • Exhibitions
  • Blogs & Vlogs

Each trainer should keep records of all their CPD each year to prove they meet the criteria of our accreditation service. You can download a copy of CPD record log here.